Program development

The Action Center’s mission is to provide an immediate response to basic human needs and promote pathways to self-sufficiency. This is a two-fold mission and we are working hard to expand our capabilities and programs to best serve the ever-growing needs in our community.

As the needs of our community evolve, The Action Center strives to continually develop and broaden the scope of its programs to meet those ever-growing needs. Today, we see more and more of our neighbors seeking help for the first time, telling us that they have never been in this situation before, and never dreamed of having to ask for help. Although The Action Center is a safe and welcoming environment and each client is met with dignity and respect, it can be a scary place for a person who does not know how to navigate these uncharted waters.

The Basics and Beyond

The Action Center is best known for its ability to meet the first half of the mission by providing food, clothing, shelter and more. However, the second half of the mission is so very critical to clients’ continued success. The Action Center recently developed a new program that will offer clients a hand-up on this journey and greatly improve their ability to gain and maintain self-sufficiency.

In the Self-Sufficiency Pathways Program, clients make the deliberate decision to achieve life-long stability by working with their case manager over a six-month time period. The program is designed to assist participants in obtaining self-sufficiency as it is defined for each individual. Participants meet with a case manager to receive basic life skills and coaching. Participants are also provided with necessities throughout the program to further assist them in stabilizing key life areas along their pathways to success and connection to services.

With programs like this in place, The Action Center can continue to not only set the foundation, but also assemble the pathways to self-sufficiency for the more than 28,000 individuals who seek services annually. If you have any questions about our services please call 303-237-7704.