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Mag Strittmatter, Executive Director. Mag joined the Action Center staff in 2002 as the Director of Development and Communication. She was selected as Executive Director in early 2006. Over her tenure, the agency has substantially increased its capacity to serve the needs of the community, as a result of increased fundraising and creative community collaborations. Strittmatter has more than 25 years experience in the nonprofit arena, and sits on several community boards. She holds a bachelor’s in English from Penn State University and a master’s in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Ext. 205 or


Sally Reed
Director of Development
Ext. 204

Development Manager
Ext. 251

Margot West
Grants Officer
Ext. 247

Jill Messinger
Communications Coordinator
Ext. 246

Andrew Castillo
Donor Cultivation Coordinator
Ext. 253

Lynda Mills
Development Coordinator
Ext. 203

and Facilities

Alex Lieberman
Director of Finance and Facilities
Ext. 249

Marilyn Katopodes
Finance Manager
Ext. 230

Tim Kauffman
Ext. 260

Miles Nichols
Facility Maintenance
Ext. 219

Programs and
In-Kind Donations

Barbara Penning
Director of Volunteer Programs and In-Kind Donations
Ext. 243

Lorraine Alcott
Volunteer Manager
Ext. 244

Nira Duvan
Volunteer Manager
Ext. 229

In-Kind Donations Manager
Ext. 226

Edna Quintana
In-Kind Donations Dock Coordinator

In-Kind Donations Driver/Dock Coordinators:
Cody Russell
Earl Andrews
Mark Cordova
Andrew Ayling
Benny Ortiz

HR, IT and Office Administration

Pam McPhee
Director of HR, IT and Office Administration
Ext. 206

Valarie Abney
Office Manager
Ext. 238

Dan Marks
IT Manager
Ext. 245

IT Support Technician


Brooke DeGroat
Director of Program Services
Ext. 209

Michael Bastrom
Manager of Self-Sufficiency Pathways Program
Ext. 207

Megan Hayes
Manager of Intervention Services
Ext. 218

Jennifer Wilson
Manager of Shelter Programs

Shea L.
Shelter Case Manager
Ext. 258

Case Managers:
Ramon B.
Liz D.
Matt H.

Jennifer A.
Betty Proctor Fund Navigator

Diane R., RN
Lead Health Navigator

Colleen T., RN
Health Navigator

Sandy H.
Outreach Navigator

Renata H.
After Care Case Manager
Ext. 295

Shelter Coordinators:
Sean D.
Erika G.
Chris M.
Angelica B.