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Creation of the Stardust Mural

The Stardust mural that graces the front of the Program Services Building was designed and created by Martha Pinkard Williams of Artamation. The design represents clients being given a “hand up” through the services and programs provided at The Action Center, and eventually moving towards self-sufficiency. “In the design I didn’t want to put anyone […]

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Armando’s Story

Coming Full Circle: Armando’s Story By Jill Messinger, Communications Coordinator Armando is a good listener. As a Volunteer Client Advocate at The Action Center, he listens to clients tell him their story and current situation and provides them with program information and resources so they can stabilize their lives. In an average volunteer shift, Armando […]

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Join Us for a Volunteer Fair!

The Action Center will host a “Volunteer Opportunities Fair” on March 11th, from 10am to 1pm in the new Program Services Building at 8745 W. 14th Ave, Lakewood. Learn about the numerous client programs located in the newly renovated building and the many volunteer opportunities that support these programs. The Action Center provides an immediate […]

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The Power of a Capital Gift

The First Day of School

Spring 2014 Newsletter

In this issue, you will read about how the campaign is progressing and how we’re all waiting with excited anticipation for the next steps. Highlights in this issue include a success report from our Pathways clients and commentary from volunteers about the Program Services Building.

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The Power of Volunteers

We currently have about 20 different volunteer positions each day. These positions vary from phone receptionist to client advocate and everything in between. Some folks work directly with clients, others serve behind the scenes, but they all share a wonderful dedication to helping folks in need!

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Serving our Mission in New Space

The new Program Services Building will be home to a large self-select food pantry, where clients will choose their own nutritious foods to feed their families. We will also have a more efficient clothing bank and households areas.

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Severe Weather Shelter

As I write this post today, the county’s Severe Weather Network has gone into effect. The Action Center has been a part of this vital community effort for several years. Here’s how it works and what I appreciate about how it’s been constructed.

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