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The Impact of your Giving

I hope you will see what we see each day in the Action Center, that every gift blesses a neighbor—someone you may never meet—but someone whose life is changed because of your generosity.

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NBC Nightly News Story

On November 28th, the Action Center was featured on NBC Nightly News.

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Season of Giving

Wherever and however you choose to engage this holiday season, know you are making a positive impact in the lives of those less fortunate.

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Truly Thanksgiving

“I love our Thanksgiving Food Distribution! In just one day we get the honor of providing for 6,500 individuals in our community.” “Talk about food for the soul! There’s nothing like it!”

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Seasonal Needs 2013

The Fall and Winter months are the busiest at the Action Center and there are a ton of ways to get involved.

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Being a Client Advocate

Every client, every visit sees a member of our team face to face—either a volunteer Client Advocate or a staff person, who we call Case Managers. It’s really important to us that we give every client this kind of dignity and respect, and Client Advocates are a big part of that.

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CO Flood Victims

Our thoughts and prayers are with our Colorado neighbors dealing with the unspeakable flooding, loss of lives and loss of homes.

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Our Resourceful Community

One of the best things about the Action Center is that it serves as a convening point where the community can find ways to make a difference in the lives of residents of our county and the homeless. There are many avenues to work together for a higher purpose and we are grateful for a resourceful community to find ways to do just that.

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Summer Dining Events!

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