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Sandy, a homeless student in Jeffco shared this story with the Action Center: “This morning, my best friend quietly whispered to me that her mom was tired of me staying on their couch. I’ve been staying with them for a couple weeks, but I guess I need to move on. I am not sure what I am going to do tonight. I guess I’ll figure it out. I always try to find a place to crash, but if I can’t I just ride the RTD as long as I can and then walk around until the sun comes up and the school doors open. I don’t have anything to eat, I don’t even have a tooth brush or bar of soap to get clean. I always just try to get invited to stay by staying late at friends’ houses. Sometimes I just pretend to fall asleep so they don’t ask me to leave. I’m not sure how much longer I can do this.”

There are more than 2,400 students each year in Jefferson County Public Schools who are homeless or emancipated. Grub Club, a program of the Action Center, alleviates this issue by providing boxes filled with hygiene products and a three day supply of food to students in need. This winter, Grub Club partnered with the Jefferson County Education Association (JCEA), Jeffco Classified School Employees (JCCSEA) and Jeffco PTA to gather food and personal hygiene products across the school district to help ensure that homeless students have some of what they need for the upcoming year. JCEA, JCCSEA and Jeffco PTA asked students, teachers and parents in each articulation area to focus on collecting one item that goes in the non-perishable food boxes.

On Saturday, December 20, Jeffco students, parents and educators dropped off the items collected at the Action Center’s warehouse. With the amount of items donated, the Grub Club will be sustainable for one whole school year! Check out the food and personal care items, with the amount donated by Jeffco Public School, below:

Juice boxes- 1,572
Snacks- 1,470
Fruit cups- 4,340
Soup cups- 1,115
Peanut butter- 180
Squeeze jelly- 218
Oatmeal packets- 2,855
Hot cocoa packets- 5,277
Pasta dinners- 788
Shredded chicken- 421
Mac and cheese cups- 2,374
Breakfast bars- 3,021
Shampoo- 547
Soap- 2,152
Toothbrushes- 2,583
Toothpaste- 1,782
Razors- 242
Shaving cream- 28
Deodorant- 352
Feminine products- 1,770

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I have peanut butter & jelly for the Grub Club. Do I just take it to the action center or is there someplace else that collects the food.



Hi there,
Thanks for thinking of Grub Club! Please bring your donations to the Action Center’s donation dock and make sure to tell them it’s for Grub Club. The dock is located at 8755 W. 14th Avenue in Lakewood. It is open Weekdays from 8:30-4:30 and Saturdays 9-Noon.
Thanks again!


Can we still contribute to the Grub Club program? When is the last day to collect donations?


The Grub Club Food Drive runs through January 15th. There is more information on the Facebook page: Thanks!


Your Comments can you still donate now? Where?


Absolutely! Bring your donations to our dock at 8755 W 14th Ave and tell them it is for Grub Club. Thanks!

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