shelter program

The Action Center has a shelter program for couples, families and single adults. Clients may stay in the program for up to 45 days while working with Case Managers to develop goals and work toward self-sufficiency. Clients are expected to be working, looking for work or going to school while in the program.  Diligent work toward goals and the development of a transition plan will help clients to prepare for a stable housing situation upon exit from the shelter.

  • Families and couples can remain together in private rooms.
  • Clients have access to services at The Action Center’s main facility.
  • During the hours of 6:50 am to 5:30 pm, the shelter is closed and clients are expected to be out looking for work and/or accessing other community resources.
  • Each day, shelter clients receive breakfast and dinner and can choose to pack a lunch to take with them.
  • Laundry facilities are available for client use.
  • Clients perform chores each evening during their stay.

If you are in need of shelter and are nervous at the prospect of living in a shelter, know that you are not alone. Many clients come to us after struggling to live in their vehicles or on the street. These clients had many fears and reservations about coming to us for aid.

Find out if you qualify for our shelter:

Although we wish that we could provide shelter for everyone it is not possible. There is NO waiting list and to find out if we have availability, you must call The Action Center at 303.237.7704. Due to the large volume of calls, messages regarding shelter availability may not be returned. Please continue to call for daily availability information.

If you call and find that a shelter room is available that fits your family size, please come to The Action Center as soon as possible. Clients seeking shelter will be seen on a first-come first-serve basis, so it is important to get here early. You will be pre-screened to determine if you meet the shelter requirements. It is important to understand that this could be a time-consuming process based on the volume of clients seeking shelter. After pre-screening, interviews will be conducted between 1:30 and 3:00 pm. Interviews are determined upon the order in which clients arrived at The Action Center earlier in the day. You may not receive an interview because once the shelter room is filled, interviews will cease.

Requirements for Consideration in the Program:

  • photo ID, Birth Certificate or something that proves identity to be considered for the Shelter Program
  • pass a background check with no history of violence (to be determined during screening and background check) or sex crimes
  • able to work , currently working or going to school
  • able and willing to complete at least one chore daily
  • able to work within the shelter community with a very diverse population
  • to return to the shelter by 8:00 pm, unless given prior permission by the Manager of Shelter Program
  • to be a positive member of the shelter community
  • to participate in scheduled meetings, groups and workshops
  • to create and follow a transition plan to become self-sufficient
  • to abstain from drugs and alcohol while in the program
  • to be stable on all medications