In Honor of Strong Fathers – James’ Story

James is a strong father who put his family first despite obstacles and difficulties in life.  James and his two children, ages 7 and 15, relocated to Colorado from Utah this past fall.

When their housing fell through, they spent several months “camping” out in their truck during some of the coldest days of the season.  In late November, the family moved into The Action Center shelter, just in time for Thanksgiving.

James was employed within days of staying at the shelter.  However, weeks later, their vehicle (and primary source of transportation) broke down, leaving them to make long commutes across town by bus and foot in order to get to school and work.  Every day, James and his children took four buses one way to school, after which James continued his commute to work.  Often times, they wouldn’t arrive back at the shelter until very late, at which point the family was expected to eat dinner, do chores, finish homework, bathe and prepare for the following day.  They woke up at 5am most mornings and were often out the door by 5:30am.  Despite these challenges, the children still regularly attended school and James continued to maintain his employment.

For James, education for his children and employment to provide for his family are priorities that are worth the time and effort

James worked hard towards saving for and acquiring stable housing once he left The Action Center shelter.  However, long term transitional housing programs for families require birth certificates for the children, documents which James’s family no longer possessed due to their lack of stable housing over the past several months.  Fortunately, by using financial assistance from the Betty Proctor Fund, John was able to expedite the acquisition of both out of state birth certificates.  This then secured placement in transitional housing where this family is on the path of achieving greater self-sufficiency and a happy ending to their story.

In honor of strong fathers everywhere, Happy Father’s Day from your friends at
The Action Center!

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