Paul & Amy’s Story

Paul is a college graduate and former professional skier who landed a successful sales and marketing job right after graduating. After numerous years in the corporate world, Paul was unfortunately caught up in an illegal embezzlement scheme which saw him go to prison for numerous years. Once released from prison, Paul had no money, no job and no home. Paul was desperate to turn his life around, however he had difficulty securing a job due to his past record. Unable to pay for the skyrocketing rent prices in Denver, Paul was forced to live on the streets in downtown Denver. He often spent his days in Civic Center Park, where one day he met Amy. According to Paul it was love at first sight. Amy was also experiencing homelessness and struggling with an alcohol addiction. Paul knew that although he was dealing with his own demons, he had to be strong for Amy. Three months after meeting, Amy became pregnant. Paul knew he needed to make significant changes in his lifestyle in order to care for his son. Paul and Amy were able to secure the funds for a small trailer in a trailer park outside of the city. Although Paul was working as many labor jobs as he could, they were still struggling to make ends meet.

When their son Noah was born in May 2014, Paul and Amy were grateful that they would at least receive three meals a day while Amy was in the hospital. Paul and Amy brought Noah home and all seemed to be well. However, six months later, Paul lost his job and they were evicted from the trailer park. Luckily, Amy received her SSI (Supplement Security Income) shortly after being evicted, which was just enough money to rent an apartment near downtown. The small family was able to scrape by for almost a year, with both Paul and Amy working up to 15 hour days while Noah stayed with his grandparents. Again, the couple fell on difficult times and they were eventually evicted from their apartment. In order to keep Noah safe, he stayed with Amy’s parents while she and Paul lived on the streets.

Paul and Amy heard about The Action Center from a friend and, after exhausting all other resources, decided to visit so they could receive food and clothing. Paul and Amy were able to select food from the self-select grocery, clothing for themselves and Noah, hygiene products, diapers and baby wipes. After a few more visits to The Action Center, Paul and Amy met with Andrea, Manager of Intervention Services. Paul explained to Andrea that a friend offered him a job opportunity in Arizona that would also provide their family with housing. Paul was eager to accept the position, but had no way of relocating his small family to Arizona. Andrea immediately submitted a request for the Betty Proctor Fund to provide Paul and Amy the funds to buy a plane ticket to Las Vegas where they would then take a short bus ride to Bullhead City, Arizona. The request was approved and Paul and Amy immediately began packing their belongings so they could start a new life with their son in Arizona. Paul and Amy were overwhelmed by Andrea’s quick-thinking and positive attitude. After attempting to utilize services from agencies all over the county, they felt so relieved to finally be heard and helped. Before moving to Arizona, Paul and Amy were married. Their family successfully made the move to Arizona where Paul began his new job. They are now in stable housing, receiving benefits and creating a new life for themselves. Although Paul and Amy have both experienced severe hardships over the years, they have remained resilient in reaching their pathway to self-sufficiency.

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