The Power of a Capital Gift

Sally Reed, Director of Development As your new Director of Development, I’m honored to get to submit this month’s blog. I couldn’t be starting at a more exciting time for the Action Center with the renovation of our new Program Services Building underway. As we look to the completion of the campaign, I’d love to share with you some common misconceptions about capital campaigns and what your donation really does for our clients.

Capital is for Everyone
I’ve heard from friends and donors over the years that sometimes it feels like capital campaigns are only for big foundations and very rich donors—for those VIP-types who get their name on a plaque in the entryway of the new building. 

Not true. Every capital project needs the broad support of the community to be successful. It’s true that there usually are some big foundation gifts in a capital campaign, and we do have naming opportunities to recognize larger donors. However, the total goal cannot be met without the grass-roots support of donors at every level. And now, with this amazing matching gift from Community First Foundation, every gift—every gift— will have twice the impact!


Raising Operating Dollars Always Comes First

I know you are involved with the Action Center because you put our clients first! Indeed, our effectiveness at serving hurting families over the last 46 years is directly linked to our caring, engaged donor base. That emphasis doesn’t change with a capital campaign.

Be assured that operating dollars come first. We tell all our donors up front, if you have to choose between an operating donation and a capital donation, we want you to choose operating. If you are in a position to make a special gift to help complete this vital project, we are deeply grateful for every donation because it will help us serve our neighbors for many years to come.


This New Building is Vital to our Mission

It’s also very important to emphasize that this new building is not a frivolous addition to the Action Center’s property. Every brick and every light switch in the new Program Services Building is dedicated directly to our clients. Those of you who have been in our existing building know that we are literally out of space. When we converted our last closet to the shelter manager’s office and started sorting bread in the volunteer break room…it was clear that our clients’ needs had outgrown the current facility.

Frankly, the strong client focus of the new building is one of the chief reasons Community First Foundation has offered to match 100% of any capital gift to help us complete the project. Their support hinges on the fact that all the programs housed in and made possible by this new building directly impact low-income and homeless families, helping them get back squarely on their feet as soon as possible.

Again, let me say how honored I am to serve as the Action Center’s Director of Development. If you ever have any questions about the capital campaign, want to schedule a tour or have any feedback on our fundraising work, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to meeting many of you in the coming months as this wonderful project unfolds!


Please visit our capital donations page to make your gift, which will be matched 100% by Community First Foundation toward this amazing project! For those of you who have already donated to the capital campaign, thank you so much for your support. If you would like to make an additional gift, it will count towards this great matching grant!

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