participant stories

Meet Bree

Bree relocated to Colorado in 2012 in pursuit of entrepreneurial opportunities. She arrived in Colorado with just $30 in her pocket, and after 13 frightening nights of sleeping on the streets, she luckily found a room to rent. However, she was hungry and needed basic household items – her landlord suggested she visit The Action Center. She was amazed by the friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere upon arriving at The Action Center! After speaking with a Volunteer Client Advocate, Bree selected food from the self-select grocery, where she was able to pick out fresh produce, meat and bread. Bree was also provided with towels, linens and cookware to get her started in her new apartment. Bree revisited The Action Center three more times before she was able to get back on her feet. Bree is now enrolled in college classes to receive her degree in Social Entrepreneurship and credits The Action Center for helping her during a rough patch in her life.

Meet Carol

A homeless woman named Carol came into The Action Center last year and met with a Case Manager, Liz. Carol disclosed with Liz that she was currently homeless, had a 12-year-old son, was living on just $175 a month and was desperate to turn her life around. Carol was immediately interested in joining the Self-Sufficiency Pathways Program, and was open to talking about her rough past and her hopes for a better future. Liz provided Carol with 4 months’ worth of bus passes and connected her with Red Rocks Community College to meet her education goals. Carol’s most important goal was to find housing for her and her son. Liz wrote a letter of recommendation for Carol, and she was approved for housing in Denver! The Action Center provided Carol with ARC vouchers so she could furnish her new home. Carol is thrilled about the process she’s made and hopes that she will find a career that she loves!

Meet Earnest

Earnest is a 61 year old client of The Action Center who was diagnosed with prostate cancer in July, 2013. Prior to his illness, Earnest had been a dedicated, lifelong worker in the Master Electrician field. Earnest and his wife, Terrie, provide for a 13 year-old son and live on minimal resources provided by a close friend. In August, Terrie visited The Action Center searching for dentures and mental health support for her husband. At the time Terrie visited The Action Center, Earnest was receiving his third round of chemotherapy for prostate cancer, which had caused him to lose 50 pounds. He had also lost his last tooth three weeks prior and was unable to sufficiently nourish himself. Earnest and Terrie met with our Lead Health Navigator to secure assistance in getting dentures, household items, the weekly dietary supplement Ensure and references for financial assistance, and mental health services for other family members. Fortunately, Terrie was instrumental in utilizing all the resources provided by The Action Center. Earnest received his dentures through the Friends of Man and AV Hunter Trust grants. The family continues to use the supportive services of The Action Center – services that help this family better able to function under the most stressful of circumstances.