Volunteers are vital to The Action Center’s success!!
In 1968, The Action Center was formed by a group of volunteers concerned for struggling families in the community. Today, nearly half a century later, volunteers are still at the core of The Action Center. There are more than 40 unique volunteer opportunities that include direct participant interaction, behind the scenes tasks and special events, just to name a few. Opportunities fall into one-time or weekly formats and are available for individuals, families and groups – there’s a match for everyone!

In 2016, 4,734 individuals contributed 103,048 hours of service! Without them, The Action Center would have needed 80 additional staff members to meet the needs of the community! Check out this brief history of volunteerism at The Action Center.

Our volunteers list “To Help Others” and “The Volunteer Team” as their top two reasons for volunteering with The Action Center. Volunteers produce a direct and immediate impact in the lives of our struggling neighbors every day. They create a vibrant and active volunteer community where they make new connections in a rewarding and supportive environment.

Learn More! The first step to become a volunteer is to sign-up for a New Volunteer Orientation! New Volunteer Orientations are held once a month at The Action Center. To sign-up for an Orientation, contact Lorraine Alcott at lorrainea@theactioncenterco.org or 303.237.7704.

Upcoming New Volunteer Orientations: January 12th (1 to 2:30pm),  January 17th (10:30am to Noon), February 2nd (1 to 2:30pm),  February 14th (10:30am to Noon), March 2nd (1 to 2:30pm),  March 14 (10:30am to Noon), March 30th (1 to 2:30pm), April 11th (10:30am to Noon), April 27th (1 to 2:30pm), May 9th (10:30am to Noon), May 25th (1 to 2:30pm)


one-time opportunities

weekly/monthly opportunities




Upcoming Closed Days 2017: January 11, February 7, February 15, February 20, March 8, March 15, April 4, April 12, April 14, May 10, May 17, May 29, June 14, July 4, September 4, November 23, November 24, December 22, December 25